April 19, 2008

Fort Gibson Heritage Day

Yesterday we got to go on a field trip to Fort Gibson, the oldest community in the State of Oklahoma. While we were there, we were able to tour "The Fort" made up of log stockades and historic buildings. We also had the opportunity to visit with the numerous reenactors that were at the fort. The reenactors covered a time period from 1824 to 1890, when Indians, Amry & Federal Troops occupied the fort. Some of what they covered was the Fur Trade, Indian Removal, the Civil War and Reconstruction, the Indian Wars, and the Dawes Commission era. Even though it was FREEZING cold, we had a great time. We learned a lot about how they lived, the clothes they wore and how they washed them, and what they ate and how they cooked it. Kali thinks she could survive with no running water or electricity.... YEAH RIGHT!!! http://www.fortgibson.com/town_history.htm

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