March 20, 2009

Kali's Birthday Surprise

Kali decided she wanted her room redone this year for her birthday instead of having a big party. So, I decided I would do it and surprise her!! She picked out bedding from Pottery Barn that is $300.00 and I told her that IF I bought it for her.. she would sleep in it until she is 35!!! Of course she said OK... but I said NO WAY!! I am not spending that much on a bed spread. So....... I went to several fabric stores and picked out fabric that was similar to the one quilt she wants. And then I talked her Nana into making her a quilt. The kids spent the week in Lone Wolf at their Mammy and Pappy's. I worked very hard all week painting and getting everything in her room perfect!! I hope she is VERY surprised!!

fabric for the quilt

Bargain bed for $25.00

After I painted it black

Her room is now GREEN!!!!!!!!!!

Shelves Brad is building in her closet.

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