March 03, 2009

Treasures of the Transformed Life

Brad and I were recently presented with an amazing opportunity to start our own business, that WE can do from home. We truly feel like God has put this in front of us. We decided that with our faith and lots of prayers..... We can do this!! We set our goals and talked about our dreams. Dreams that we knew were not possible with Brad having to "go to work" 40+ hours a week. Our economy is struggling and there is no "Job Security." When times get hard we tend to want to work more to make more money. We tend to forget that in times of need, we should always turn to God. This business has unlimited growth potential. For us.. it isn't about the amount of money we can make, but the financial freedom and TIME we will have.

This past Sunday at church, we felt like our Pastor was speaking straight to us. Here is a small part of the message....

"Childhood dreams don't become reality for most people. Life has a way of getting in the way. Opportunities are missed, matters of the heart interfere, education is put off, and sometimes health fails. Many adults just move through life; there is a comfortable routine that is often comfortable and stagnant. People long for more. Dreams are not forgotten but they are out of reach so you look for something different. Most often you look in the wrong places. The "more" you seek is only found in spiritual renewal. It is only found in Jesus."

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