September 25, 2009

Learning can be FUN!!

I try to find every way possible to incorporate the things Braden likes to do into our school lessons. It makes learning fun for both of us!! Here is a website with several fun ideas that you can use to teach math and have fun at the same time Pre-K Math Games.

Lego's can be used as learning manipulative's in several ways. We use them for following directions, sorting by color, shape and size, making patterns, counting, addition and subtraction. I love them because Braden is doing what he loves to do and doesn't even realize he is learning so much when he is playing with them.

He also LOVES cars. So, we found a way to include them in our school day too!! We use them for math.... sorting by color, counting wheels and adding!!

Math Blocks - I made a worksheet on excel with blank squares the size of our math blocks. I make a pattern on one row and Braden copies it on the next row. He also enjoys just filling all the squares and counting them and building towers taller then he is!!

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