January 13, 2010

American Girl® Unit Study - Meet Felicity

We are doing an American Girl® Unit Study. All of the American Girls® are fictional characters but the  time and place of their stories are based on real events of America's past. Our journey back in time will include historical events, important people, lifestyles, occupations, education, traditions, religion, fashion, hobbies, transportation, communication, geography and more.

Felicity is the first of the American Girls that we will be studying. "Meet Felicity" by Valerie Tripp is the first book in her six book series.  Felicity Merriman® is a spirited, independent nine-year-old girl, growing up in colonial Virginia, in 1774, just before the the onset of The American Revolution. She was a very loyal, independent young girl who had a true love and passion for horses. Her father successfully owned  and managed a general store in Williamsburg while her mother took care of her family and their home. Faced with some very tough choices, Felicity and her family had to decide if they were American Patriots or British Loyalists.

Word of the week - Independence
Vocabulary Words:
  • patriots
  • loyalists
  • taxes
  • apprentice
  • delegates
Felicity loved horses, so Kali wanted to learn more about them. We did research online and went to the library and checked out books about horses. Kali really enjoyed learning more about them and learning how
to draw them.

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