October 03, 2008

Oklahoma's Largest Classroom

We went to Oklahoma's Largest Classroom at the Tulsa State Fair. We got to participate in "Fun on the Farm" where the kids chucked and grinded corn, learned how they bailed hay in the old days, gathered eggs, planted crops, gather crops they grew, milk a cow, sell their goods, and then go the the grocery store and buy food with the money they made. They also got to do lots of hands-on science, make HUGE bubbles, dig for treasures in the sand and watch electricity travel through the air. Then we visited the petting zoo and fed all kinds of animals and saw newborn baby pigs. The kids had a GREAT time and learned a lot!! They can't wait to go back next year.

Gathering Eggs

Planting Crops

Gathering Crops grown

Science: Don't let the metal ring touch the bar


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