October 05, 2008

Tooth Fairy

Kali FINALLY lost her tooth!!!! Her Mammy and Pappy came to visit this weekend and she let Mammy wiggle it to see how loose it was and it just came out in her fingers. Kali was in shock that it came out that easy after all her hard work trying to get it out. She put it in her treasure chest and left the Tooth Fairy her usual note. This morning she got up for Church and saw her note and her tooth and NO money. She was devastated because she thought the Tooth Fairy had forgotten her. She quickly discovered that she hadn't forgotten her at all. She left her the best gift of all... her very own FAIRY DOOR!! She also left her 2 fairy dollars redeemable at the Bank of Mom & Dad. She was soooooo excited and couldn't believe the Tooth Fairy would think she is so special to get her very own Fairy Door!! I love my little Snaggle Tooth Princess!!!!

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